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Emergence: Nature, Context, and Community
5.30pm, 30th November, Emily and Rowan Haysom
Emily and Rowan Haysom will be discussing the overlap between their independent creative practices and their shared vision for design. Emily’s particular interest is in working with the energy of natural systems to enliven human and natural habitats. She questions the dominance of the ‘view’ and ‘plan’ in design. Rowan will be discussing his experience of community-led design and how such engagement has resulted in more integrated and coherent outcomes. Together they will be reflecting on their search for more grassroots models for development, based on inherent patterns of growth, open systems, and relationship-based planning, for the creation of resilient habitats and communities.

The Architecture of Inflammation

How do buildings affect health and wellbeing? Cleo Valentine’s research focuses specifically on the impact of the built environment on neuroinflammation and advances on stress-related

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