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Changing Riskscapes

CAR Director Stephen Platt is running a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) game at the joint GEM-CARLtd-GFZ-ImageCat workshop in London on 4th July (8.30am-1pm). “Monitoring Changing Riskscapes: Innovative Tools for Efficient Earthquake Risk Assessment“ is organised in association with the Understanding Risk conference

The aim of the DRR game is to simulate greater understanding about how better information can aid decision making in the various phases of disaster management.

• Early Response (Day 1 to Month 2)
• Planning Recovery (Month 1 to Month 18)
• Adaptation and Mitigation (Pre-disaster preparedness)

GEM (Global Earthquake Model) is a global collaborative effort with the aim to provide organisations and people with tools and resources for transparent assessment of earthquake risk anywhere in the world.

SENSUM is an EU project that aims deliver innovative methodologies and software tools for dynamic, multi-resolution monitoring of pre-disaster vulnerability and preparedness and post-disaster recovery planning and monitoring.