Perspectives on Volcano Catastrophe Risk: The 2010 Merapi Eruption, Java

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2010 Merapi eruption, Java
11 May 2011
Susanna Jenkins, CAR and Dr Peter Baxter
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The 2010 eruption of Merapi volcano in Java, Indonesia, resulted in the deaths of more than 350 people and the destruction of many km2 of populated area, mostly through contact with pyroclastic density currents (PDCs). The eruption provided a rare opportunity to collect empirical PDC impact data and a multi-disciplinary field mission was carried out in the immediate post-eruption phase (Nov-Dec) to investigate the nature and extent of the PDCs and associated impacts on buildings, humans and the environment. Analyses of data collected during the mission were ongoing and initial findings and interpretations presented in the context of lessons to be learned for volcano risk mitigation.