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The Golden Thread: A Personal Journey

This talk illustrates Gary Clark’s contribution to the golden thread of sustainable design beginning with his time at the Martin Centre in the early 1990s. This is not only about the built form, but it’s a story of the back room politics; the wordsmithing of media statements and policies that make a difference; the distillation of complex concepts into a set of clear and measurable outcomes; the refinement and reinvention of our architectural design process; the persistence and persuasion of cynical peers; the mentoring of cohorts of young architects; and when the stars aligned some hopeful glimpses of a sustainable future architecture 

Speaker’s bio: 
Gary Clark’s career bridges the boundaries between academic research, teaching and practice, with sustainability at the core of his architectural philosophy. In his role as Principal Lead for Science and Technology at HOK, his aim is to promote a sustainable future not only in this sector but for the whole of the built environment. He is Chair of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Sustainable Futures Group and frequently advises the UK Government on sustainable policy. He serves as Honorary Professor of Sustainable Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast. 

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